Please join me at the beautiful Appalachian Mountain Club’s Highland Center in Crawford Notch for a wild night in the rainforest! Just try surviving the dinner-plate sized spiders, limo-length anacondas, and shamans who, frankly, have it out for you! I’ll give a brief reading then a slide show from my month-long research trip to the Peruvian Amazon featuring the terrors and wonders of the most biodiverse place on earth – the Amazon rainforest.

The New York Times Book Review chose Into the Jungle as one of Seven Twisty Summer Thrillers!

Publishers Weekly names Into the Jungle as one of its “Big Summer Books” and gives it a starred review, calling it a “ferocious fever dream of a thriller…an alternately terrifying and exhilarating tale…”

Kirkus Reviews says: “A death-defying Bolivian adventure in the primordial forest…The setting of Ferencik’s second female-driven adventure thriller is hair-raisingly vivid, replete with tarantulas, piranhas, jaguars, and electric eels….(this novel is) The closest thing to an actual hell ride you’ll ever experience (one hopes.) Thrilling, bloody, and ferocious.”