Erica Ferencik

Write what you want to read, the saying goes, and it’s one I’ve taken to heart. I love to laugh, and I love to have the shit scared out of me, but most of all, I love a great story.

My Latest

“Erica Ferencik’s new book is the bastard literary spawn of Nora Ephron and Oscar Wilde. Her bittersweet, humorous take on facing 50 with warts-and-all honesty, grace and style is a winning read. With self-deprecating wit, Ferencik pokes fun at the sacred cows, taboos and paradoxical expectations that American women face as they age. Her prose unpacks and kicks the ass of America’s absurd, youth worshipping, superficial society. She holds a hilarious mirror up to her readers as she merrily and wickedly deconstructs the importance of youth, yoga, body consciousness, the right hairdo, the lonesome dildo and purse-worshipping. Do read it, darlings!”
– Linda Werbner, author of Jewfro
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