I love hearing from readers and you can email me directly using the form below.

However, please take note of some answers to a few frequently asked questions before you write.

Who is your literary agent?

I am represented by Erin Harris at Folio Literary Management: [email protected].

My film/TV agent for THE RIVER AT NIGHT, INTO THE JUNGLE and GIRL IN ICE is Sean Daily, Hotchkiss & Associates, Inc., [email protected]

Can you send me a review copy?

My publishers kindly handle all review requests as I only have a limited number of copies for personal use. Please check NetGalley for ebooks, or contact my publishers for physical copies.

If you are in the US, please contact [email protected] or Megan Beatie: [email protected]

I am a journalist or blogger and would love to interview you.

Thank you so much! I try to funnel all interview and press requests via my publishers, so please contact Jessica as noted as above.



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