The New York Times names Into the Jungle one of the best thrillers of the summer

“Erica Ferencik paints a picture of a jungle ripe with the amorality of nature, where dropping one’s guard or losing focus means death from any number of sources — enormous water snakes or minute poisonous frogs or flesh-eating parasites — and the humans, be they gun-toting poachers or antagonistic villagers, are actually the least frightening forms of life.” -Vanessa Friedman

Kirkus Review for Into the Jungle

“A death-defying Bolivian adventure in the primordial forest… The setting of Ferencik’s second female-driven adventure thriller is hair-raisingly vivid, replete with tarantulas, piranhas, jaguars, and electric eels.”

“The closest thing to an actual hell ride you’ll ever experience (one hopes.) Thrilling, bloody, and ferocious.”